Managing Your Weight, Having More Energy and Building More Self Confidence
Won't Happen with Another Diet, Detox or 30-Day shred...
Introducing Our Revolutionary Approach To Managing Your Weight,
Having More Energy
and Building Your Confidence!
The Wellness Collection

The Wellness Collection provides women with the tools needed so that you can begin your journey toward managing your weight, more energy, self confidence and a healthy lifestyle anywhere you have an internet connection, all without fad diets, restrictive plans, insane workout routines or lengthy time commitments!
The Wellness Collection is designed to help women effectively manage their stress when it comes to what to eat and how to move their body so that they can manage their weight, have more energy and build self confidence by using recorded Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Exercise and Balanced Nutrition.

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Feeling stressed and overwhelmed with not knowing where to begin when it comes to managing your weight, having more energy and feeling strong, confident and happy in your body?

Your body isn't a machine, nor should it be treated like one!

Women tend to think that they need to plow through their fatigue to see results.

That working out harder and longer will yield the results they desire while helping them feel happy and confident in their skin.

That depriving themselves of whole food groups will get them to their ultimate goal.

This is where we burst the bubble!

Women struggle to manage their weight, have more energy and feel confident in their skin, not because they lack the willpower to do so, but because they go against what aligns with their lifestyle, their energy and what is actually attainable and achievable for them.

Inside the Wellness Collection, we help you shift away from this mentality. 

Inside the Wellness Collection you will learn how to properly nourish and move your body so your body can finally feel safe and supported to help you move toward managing a healthy weight, more energy and happy & confident in your skin!

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Here's What You'll Get Inside 
The Wellness Collection
Access to our Movement Series, Video Library & Nutrition and Recipes, all at your fingertips!

You will be coached through ways to move your body to begin to feel strong and confident, build muscle and lean out.

Nourish your hormones and support your energy with specifically catered Meal Plans & Recipes!

Unlock the power of your mindset! 
Learn how to release stress to support a healthy body & mind while working toward your goals!

Exercise & Yoga Classes
Movement Video Library 
Monthly Accountability Calendar

All designed to help you train, nourish and move your body that's aligned with your energy and your cycle in mind. 

Recipes & Meal Plans
Recipes for hormone health
Recipes for Digestive health
Gluten Free/Dairy Free Recipes

Get access to our private Facebook community, our live coaching!
By saying YES to our Wellness Collection, you’re welcoming in a fresh sense of energy and a better foundation for your health into your life!
Here Are Just Some Of The Results You Can Expect To Feel As You Move Through The Wellness Collection...
More energy, balanced moods and better sleeps
Less cravings, less bloating and better meal choices
Improved digestion and elimination 
Happier hormones
Less feelings of stress and overwhelm
Movement & exercise that won't leave you feeling tired or burnt out 
A community for accountability and connection 

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One Time Payment of $197 + HST (CANADIAN)
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Limited Time Bonus!
Because We Want You To Succeed! 

We know that the whole accountability thing is a major issue for a lot of women. 

Maybe you’ve tried countless programs before and they just turn into another unopened PDF or program sitting on your device.

We don’t want that to happen to this Wellness Collection! 
That's why, for a limited time only, we've included an Accountability Call with one of our Coaches so you can discuss your next steps that are best for you, to help you stay on track with your health journey! 

Meet The Creators
Hey There!
Hey there! 
We're Nat & Steph!

We are 2 coffee loving moms, living the busy mom-life, who know exactly how hard it can be to find the time in the day for exercise, drinking the water, doing the self care and eating the foods we know we should. 

It wasn’t until we both ended up at our wits end that we realized the small steps that we needed to take to change our health and fitness, get our energy back and feel confident in our body’s.

We specialize in helping women to stress less about what to eat and how to move their body, so that she can reach her ideal weight, have more energy and learn to love the skin she’s in without fad dieting, intense workouts or restriction.

We had to tackle our mindset, step out of our own way, have a good hard look at our nutrition & exercise all while having it fit into our busy mom lifestyles.

Steph is a Registered Psychotherapist, helping women shift their mindset and negative self talk so they can actually achieve their health & fitness goals.

Nat is a Holistic Nutritionist, helping women nourish their body with proper movement & exercise and supporting their body with whole foods.

Together, we specialize in helping women to stress less about what to eat and how to move her body, so she can reach her ideal weight, have more energy and learn to love the skin she’s in without fad dieting, intense workouts or restriction.

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